Free Printables to Help Get Your Kids Talking

Throughout the year we've been releasing a few free printables full of prompt questions to help spark fun and meaningful conversations within your family. You can also hold onto them as little keepsake cards to remember the way your kids felt and what they liked at different ages throughout their childhood. We call these little cards "Connective Conversations." Simply print out your Connective Conversations cards and have each of your children answer the questions. 

Just like our journal, these little keepsake cards are for school-aged kids in any grade. Also, they're perfectly sized to fit into the memento pocket of your Loom Journal, so once you get one, you can keep your cards safe along with all your other memories. 
Our first Connective Conversations card was all about your kids’ thoughts and hopes for the new school year. You can find it HERE. For younger kids, we added bonus questions and a place for you to trace your child's hand. You can download that one HERE.
Our latest Connective Conversations card is a special Christmas-themed edition filled with holiday prompts to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit! It's a beautiful way to share memories, reminisce about your holiday favorites, and simply connect in between the festivities. Click here to download yours and start the conversation! 
Stay tuned for our next more Connective Conversation cards for Valentine's Day!

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Do you still have the color bedtime stories available?

Jilan February 13, 2019

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