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The Loom Parent-Child Journal is a beautifully designed and illustrated journal that fosters connection with your child. Each spread features a designated page for parent and child. Filled with prompts about home, family, goals, and relationships as well as places to record gratitude, affirmations, service, and memories, this all-in-one journal is a powerful tool for a stronger parent-child relationship.

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Your New Heirloom

• Develops and strengthens the parent-child relationship
• Screen-free connection Improves reading, writing, and communication skills in an engaging way
• A safe place to communicate, connect, and express yourselves freely
• Sparks creativity and imagination
• Contains research-backed practices of gratitude, affirmations, and the growth mindset
• Helps your child learn his or her place in your family and in the world
• A keepsake you’ll treasure forever

Timeless Design

• Perfect bound so it lays flat when you write
• Archival paper that will last for years to come
• Modern, timeless design and custom illustrations
• Keepsake pocket to hold mementos
• Ribbon placeholder to keep your spot
• Gold embossed vegan leatherette cover
• Each journal comes with a mini booklet of prompts to start conversations inside and outside of the journal.
• Each Loom Parent-Child Journal comes in a blue keepsake box with gold foil accents

Customer Reviews

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This journal truly is an heir “loom.” I have seen other parent/child journals and they don’t compare. The quality of this journal and its contents are incredible. There are so many intricate details within the journal and stories behind why they included what they did. The questions are well thought out and help build a deep, meaningful connection with your child. (Side note-You can have connection that isn’t deep and meaningful). My oldest child just turned five, but I have purchased them for all my kids (even my 4-month-old baby) because I don’t ever not want to have this journal in my life. This product is absolutely an investment in your child and your relationship with them that you will treasure forever! Get yourself one, and then buy every journal they ever produce because your life will be better as a result!

KristiLyn Wilkinson

Verified customer

This is my favorite journal and experience for parents and kids! My daughter and I love our time together working on our Loom Journal. It’s definitely one of the most special things we do together! We have done other journals in the past for mothers and daughters and nothing compares. The Loom Journal combines the best parts of other journals (connecting, sharing, gratitude, emotions, creativity, etc) into one book! I recommend it to all my friends, family members, therapy clients...EVERYONE!

Jennifer Jenkins

Verified customer