Loom Journals

Fostering Family Connection


We create two-person journals to strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.


Loom Journals help you create simple but powerful journaling traditions in your home. You will treasure these beautiful keepsakes for years to come.

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"The most thoughtfully created, beautiful journals. Every single page is filled with positive, uplifting messages, prompts, and questions. An incredible new way to communicate with and connect with your children, preserved in a beautiful heirloom book."

Tracy Layne

Tracy Layne Photography

"The Loom Journal is what we need for our world right now, and what I've needed for my family. It's connected me even more to my 8-year-old boy, who has loved writing and describing his feelings and thoughts on paper to me. I'm so grateful to have a more meaningful way to build my relationship with my little guy."

Shelby Osmond

Mom of four boys

"I can't think of a more fun, beautiful, and permanent way to document your growing connection with your child. The prompts encourage conversation and connectivity, and it's all preserved in a beautiful, heirloom quality book. It's genius. I can't think of a better gift to give to yourself or your child."

Natalie Hill Jensen

Actress and Mom


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